SUPERIOR QUALITY CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEMS FOR HOME OWNERS CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEMS FOR HOME OWNERS, BUILDERS & INSTALLERS. 20 Years Online.  Aspria Vacuum Systems. is now Our original company name Vacuum Depot is taken from an industry term that indicated a location for sales and service of all vacuum cleaners, a generalist whom sold and serviced all brands models and styles. For years Vacuum Depot retail stores and online offered portable and central vacuums of all makes and models. Now in our 20th year online our company has focused exclusively on central cleaning systems from Aspria, the very best CVAC manufacturer. Our new name & new website better illustrate what we do, what we believe and who we are. www.Aspria.Systems is the source for Aspria brand power units and attachment sets with best in class quality, performance and reliability. Vacdepot Inc. is the parent company of Aspria.Systems and Aspria Vacuums.

About the Aspria Family Vacdepot Inc. is a small family business just east of San Antonio Texas operated by vacuum-geeks. Our website began as an extension of our generational family vacuum cleaner business which first started life as The Vacuum Depot retail stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Floorcare equipment became the family business when dad ventured into vacuum cleaner sales & service in the late 1960's to support his new family after leaving the US Air Force. After retirement from service with North Americas largest vacuum cleaner manufacturer dad went back to work with three of his children, passing on his knowledge and passion for the floorcare business. Years later in 1995 the family started the Vacdepot website to extend our local business. The website became its own company, Vacdepot Inc. which is still operated by the family. Nine years later Vacdepot Inc. would create another company, Aspria Vacuums, the production brand for Vacdepot.

Our company values the legacy of our father's wisdom, hard work and the many lasting relationships in the floorcare business that have made our success possible. Like many small family businesses it is the coupling of one generation's wisdom and experience with the next generation's drive and innovation that both pushes and pulls our company forward while keeping it on track. From the beginning dad taught all of us that business is really about people. "Quality people are just as important as quality products. It is the skill, performance and expertise of our people that will enable our products to be an outstanding value for our clients. Any store can sell vacuums, our family is what will make our company truly great." Dad was right back then and what he said has even greater meaning in an online world where all types of products are plentiful but the human experience that connects people to the right products is often lacking.

20 years online & 48 years in floorcare Recognized as a premier partner by clients and vendors, we believe our outstanding performance can be directly linked to our love for our work and our industry. Every day we discover again how your livelihood can become your passion when you love what you do. Our exclusive focus on central cleaning systems has allowed us to leverage our expertise on behalf of our clients, just as dad had said. Built-in cleaning systems offer our company and our clients a better return on investment, better performance for time spent cleaning, and for us rewarding challenges that inspire our passion about vacuum systems which we enjoy sharing with others on the website, in our Suction! blog and everyday in conversations with real people online all across the world. We are more excited than ever about the future of our industry and our business. Aspria Vacuums

Aspria Vacuums is Born Going online in the early 90's opened our world to connect with other vacuum geeks. Luckily we recognized the true value of what the internet does best, sharing knowledge. From the very first days of our primarily text website in 1995 our new internet clients showed us they value knowledge and quality. Details and accuracy are important when doing research and we have always loved to share what we know about vacuum systems with everyone we meet. We have found the same is true of the most successful products we have brought to market over the last 48 years in floorcare equipment sales & service. Tracking quality and reliability has allowed us to identify manufacturers, components, methods and materials that provide outstanding and reliable performance. To offer these vacuum systems which provide the very best quality, performance and reliability the Aspria Vacuums brand was born.

Quality, Performance and Reliability. We know our clients enjoy research as part of a smart purchase process and they are often up to date with current system designs. Well informed clients demand better than national name brands are willing to offer and it was this requirement that inspired creation of the Aspria brand. Aspria vacuums are custom built to our exact specifications for quality, performance and reliability as required by our online clients who also discovered that a higher price or a well-advertised brand name does not guarantee good service, a good system or even good performance & reliability. Aspria vacuums make the very best available to those who want more than the common mass production crowd and builders grade utility level systems.

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Central Vacuum Systems Only No retail traffic and No portable vacuum cleaners. Years ago we made a decision to exclusively support sales & service of centralized built-in cleaning systems for residential and light commercial applications. Our new Aspria.Systems website and our complete warehouse facility are dedicated only to our online central vacuum customers. You can order from Aspria with confidence knowing that you will get what you ordered when you expect it. You can read many reviews of Aspria sales, customer service and expeditious shipping on independent review websites. Servicer, retailer, installer, vendor, supplier, designer & manufacturer: Vacdepot & Aspria Vacuums have done it all in our nearly half century of floorcare industry experience.

Vacdepot Inc. owns & operates the website, its online order processing, and brick & mortar warehouse facilities. Most importantly our entire deep reserve inventory is owned and stocked in our warehouse exclusively for clients. 100% of orders & 100% of the products we offer are processed and shipped directly by Vacdepot Inc. from our warehouse by our staff. Aspria.Systems will not drop-ship any order, nor will we process orders for any third party such as Amazon or Ebay. Aspria and Vacdepot products can only be securely purchased directly from the website. Texan Owned and Operated

Howdy Neighbor! All USA sales and support are provided directly by Vacdepot Inc. from our Texas offices. Our Aspria Vacuum power units are manufactured in Canada and our offices and warehouse are in the USA. If you would like to read previous customer reviews please visit ResellerRatings and newer reviews on Shopper Approved. You can also visit our blog: Suction! which has in-depth information and professional reviews of products, our industry, new floorcare tech and our company. Thank you for visiting and Vacdepot Inc. We hope you enjoy using our websites and products as much as we have enjoyed creating them. If you have any questions, please contact us and one of our family of experts will assist you with your floorcare questions. 

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